Xanadu is a media and production company that currently has offices in Istanbul, Berlin and Cyprus. The creator and the producer of the entrepreneurship TV program Birfikrinmivar (Doyouhaveanidea) Fuat Sami, in paralel to his angel investment and entrepreneurship career, wanted to create a new edge in the Media sector and launched a Media House to operate various production activities across the region.

Xanadu is growing everyday and continues to incorporate new projects with a team of people who are professional,vibrant,experienced and capable of introducing creative solutions. Xanadu Media is rapidly expanding in Asia, Middle East and Europe through new projects. Our team is dedicated to the mission of helping people reaching their dreams. Any projects, formats or a passion to work in this sector, let us know!

Our Founder FUAT SAMİ


Our Founder Fuat Sami spent his early years in Turkey until high school. He attented high school in Eton College, one of the most prestigious schools in the world and later on he graduated from Imperial College and Imperial Tanaka Business School’s MBA program, respectively. After earning his masters degree, he had experiences in the pharmaceutical sector and after his final return to Turkey he worked in an international management consultancy company and later on set up his own investment consultancy company, which still runs on. Today, he aims to integrate his experiences in corporate life into the television sector.

Fuat Sami is also involved in different non profit organizations and initiatives. He actively participates in many foundations to increase the entrepreneurial spirit around Turkey and the region. His achievement’s are as follows:

  • He founded Turkey’s first Angel Investment Company in 2007 and introduced the concept of Angel Investment to Turkey.
  • He is currently in the Board of Directors of the eight companies he established through Angel Investments.
  • He is the creator of Turkey’s biggest Entrepreneurship TV show Birfikrinmivar. With the creation of this TV program, he inspires and influences millions of people with entrepreneurial spirit.
  • His contributions to the entrepreneurship ecosystem earned him a prize in the category of ‘Turkey’s Most Succesfull Young Person’ given by the JCI Institution in 2011.
  • He is the senior executive of the Young Entrepreneurs Council and Venture Capital Council of the Turkey’s Chamber of Commerce(TOBB)